Client Testimonials

"Minoo has a gift for making her clients skin look fabulous and soothing their spirits at the same time."  -Suzanne

"I have always had very sensitive reddened skin and whenever I'd have a facial in the past, I'd walk out with very irritated blotchy skin until I started going to Minoo.  She is the only one who's understood just how super sensitive my skin is and knows just what treatment it needs.  My skin feels soft again and the redness has dramatically improved.  Her gentle spiritual approach makes me feel very pampered and taken care of during a treatment.  I love her products too, after trying practically everything out there.  It feels like they were made just for me." -Barbara Thomas

"I had the privilege of caring for a beautiful and witty mother in her later years -- a woman who had always taken good care of her skin and held this value until the end of her life.  I brought Laile to see Minoo for facial treatments, and these visits soon became the highlight of my mother's week. The professional treatments delivered with tender concern for all aspects of my mother's health and with attention to her health and well-being was a delight to witness: I always stayed to share these delightful visits, savoring Minoo's nourishing professional services delivered with wisdom and sensitivity."

"As a cosmetic professional with a sophisticated clientele, I have sought to find colleagues with exceptional skills who can provide additional services beyond the scope of my practice.  I found such a colleague in Minoo.  Her European training combined with a personal approach to the care and nurturing of her clients is unique.  When I myself engaged Minoo for skin care treatments, I knew immediately that I had found the best." -Loel Miller

"I just wanted to write to you and future clients to let them know how excited I am about the results and the great condition my skin is in since I have been coming to you for regular treatments. I will be 60 years old in one month, and I felt my eyes looked tired and my skin looked dry. I felt that I was showing my age. I  discovered Minoos when I was walking by her business and signed up for a consultation and a package of six treatments.   I am on my third treatment and I already see an amazing difference! The best part was when my husband said last weekend, " You look different, more relaxed and younger" He did not know I was getting the facials. He said "You sure do not look your age, your skin is so soft". I am glad I made the investment in myself. Minoo not only takes care of the outer layer, she also provides a positive, nuturing experience. She gives you good information to start on the inside and take care of your health and it will show on the outside. She has created a wonderful customized line of products as well.   I am a very happy customer. -Barbara Marall

"I have been seeing Minoo regularly for years.She has become an essential part of my healthy life. When I enter her office, my psyche automatically relaxes in anticipation. Everything is peaceful and calm. The time I spend with Minoo flies by - an hour or two can seem like minutes. Minoo is good for my whole being, but I get a lot of compliments on the appearance of my skin as well. I am often told I look younger than I really am, and I feel so much younger too. With her kind, gentle, and educated ministrations, Minoo is a blessing. I highly recommend her regular attention." -Thelma

 "I have been getting facials from Minoo for over two years and I can sincerely say I have enjoyed every single one.  Minoo's facials combine her expertise with skin care with her positive suggestions for living a healthy, happy life.  I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated when I look in the mirror at my glowing skin at the end of our session." -Vicki